Pro Tips For Preparing Your Child For Daycare

Whether you're a childcare provider or a parent, you've probably heard people ask about how to prepare their children for daycare. The answer isn't straightforward because it depends on each child's personality and current dependence level. That said, here are three tips to get you started if your little one is about to begin attending daycare for the first time:

Establish a New Routine

Help your child create a list of things they like to do at home. It may include reading books, playing with toys, or watching TV. Talk about how the new routine will be different from the one at home, as well as how it may be similar. For example, you can draw parallels between nap time at home and the same at daycare.

It is also important to explain to your child that someone else will take care of them while you are gone during the day. This will help relieve fears they might have about being left with strangers. Knowing that they have someone who cares watching over them should help give them peace of mind.

Ensure There's Time to Say Goodbye

Let your child take the lead when saying goodbye. Specifically, if they want to kiss you, let them do so. The same goes for hugs and waving goodbye. You can also introduce a special handshake to help signal that it is time to part. Children need to be assured that the people they love aren't abandoning them and that they'll see each other again soon. Be sure to let your child know that you will be back. If the caregiver is taking your little one to childcare and then dropping them off at home later in the day, make sure your child understands this by telling them before they leave with the professional.

Talk About the New Changes

Take time to talk to your child about the new changes. Help them understand that you will be back to pick them up and at what time they should expect you. Let them know what to expect when it's time to leave the facility, such as who will pick them up and where they will go next.

Raising a child is a delicate job, and parents sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the aspects they need to pay attention to. If your child is starting preschool soon, it's important to ensure they are prepared for this next step. An effective way to do this is by teaching them how to handle change and new situations, in addition to helping them adjust their routine so they can enjoy their time at the daycare center better.

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