Opting For Adoption After Experiencing Fertility Problems

Experiencing fertility problems is one of the most hopeless feelings for a couple who is trying to start a family. There is nothing more hurtful than coming to the realization that having a biological child is not likely going to happen. However, there is hope for couples in such a situation, as there are thousands of children who are living in orphanages and foster care who would love to be adopted. If you and your spouse are experiencing fertility problems and would like a child, adoption is a great alternative to having a biological child. Although the adoption process can be lengthy, finally being able to start a family is worth the wait.

Getting Started with the Adoption Process

The first step to finding a child to adopt is to visit an adoption agency—such as Adoption Angels—and have a consultation. The purpose of the consultation is for the agency to determine if you and your spouse are a good fit for adoption. Questions will also be asked regarding the type of child you want to adopt, such as his or her age, ethnicity, the background of the birth parents, and similar information. If you and your spouse decide to go through with the adoption process, there will be things that must be done. For example, you and your spouse might have to undergo training and counseling and complete several other preparatory tasks.

Being Considered as an Adoptive Family

Adoption agencies are particular about who can be considered as an adoptive family for each specific child. The reason is that certain children require adoptive parents who can cope with disabilities and other issues. For example, if you and your spouse are considering a certain child to adopt, the agency might consider a different adoptive family depending on the child's needs. The role of an agency is to ensure that the adoptive family and child will feel comfortable together. After a child is found for you and your spouse, the adoption process can be legally completed with the biological parents relinquishing all parental rights.

Post Adoption & Visits from a Case Worker

Do not be alarmed if a case worker from the adoption agency occasionally visits your home after legally adopting a child. In some states, it is a legal requirement for the visits to take place, but only to ensure that helpful resources are available to assist with the new living arrangement. The visits will usually stop after a few months have passed.